The Art of David Rankine


Sound Shamans                      Open Space Creativity
Ideal workshop for cultural creatives who want to “re-charge”.
Join facilitator Dave Rankine, as they guide you into the world of spontaneously created group sound-scapes. This is creativity at its purest without expectation and judgement. Revisit that place of pure self expression though music. We are all musicians, it is just that many of us have forgotten how to get there. Dave will lead participants from all backgrounds, ages in various group exercises to create uplifting musical pieces that are fresh and new.

 Re-learn was it is to have fun and be totally "in the moment" of creativity. 

This workshop emphasizes personal music exploration and expression within the context of a group. It is ideally suited for  community building exercises in the workplace or in the social forum. No previous Musical experience is required...just a desire for fun!


 Areas covered

                                                                       rhythm and poly-rhythms

making music as a group

 attentive listening and intentional playing

discovering "personal sounds"


drone and resonance




This workshop is well suited to smaller groups of 5- 20 participants


 For availability and rates; contact Dave at (705) 435-9695 or email at

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