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  Musician, artist and writer Dave Rankine draws upon his  extensive educational, musical and artistic experience to present this exciting multi-media/multi modality workshop experience.

In a workshop environment free of expectation and judgement, Dave will take participants through a series of  exercises designed to encourage "free flow" creativity in groups of participants drawn from many different disciplines such as Dance, Visual Art , Music and Drama.
 Past events have seen spontaneous "production" numbers created  "on the floor" (participants and facilitators never having met) using elements of jazz, rock and  folk music, painting, sculpture, spoken work, dance and drama.

This experiential workshop is ideal for ARTS WEEK keynote and focus events. A slideshow and short presentation is also offered as part of the event with elements drawn from David Rankine's extensive research of and experience in the nature of Creativity.



ideal for groups of any size of  10- 200
 For availability and rates; contact Dave at (705) 435-9695 or email at