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Return To Spirit

a full day experiential workshop in nature


These are photographs and graphics from the 2009 and 2008 Return to Spirit  events

Inverhuron Bay

Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

The water element of the workshop takes place here. with a swim and ends with a swim. Earth element takes place in the approach through the primordial swamp and fen area to the Fire Element Area in Holmes Bay where we transmute clay and found objects to pieces of art. At Gunn point we engage the Element of Air with sound.


The end of another great day and workshop - as the sun sets over Gunn Point

photo by D. Draper

Holmes Bay

the primeval twin to the serene Inverhuron Bay to the south, this bay features many rocky shelves and long pebble beaches.

photo by D.Draper

Gunn Point

This rocky point separates the two bay at Inverhuron Park and in past years has been the location of mandala drawing on rock and also the music portion of the day.

photo by D.Draper

Holmes Bay

The pebble beach looking south to Gunn Point.

Evening on Inverhuron Bay

A post meal summation of the day's events is held on this beach- unsurpassed for its sunsets.

photo by D. Draper

Woodland Trails

There are many walking trails that penetrate the numerous ecosystems of the Park. This one leads towards the Lake on the first leg of the day's journey.

photo by D. Draper


Gunn Point and Holmes Bay contain many interesting rock formations from pebble beaches and boulder fields to flat rock shelves.

photo by D.Draper

Sand Dunes

2009 - path leading through the sacred sand dunes area heading towards the Credar Grove.

photo by D. Draper

Cedar Grove

A new element added for the 2009 work -the cedar grove an very old and powerful place.

photo : D. Draper


Wild deer are encountered quite often with the park boundaries as are up to 200 bird species, many concentrations of butterflies, reptiles, amphibians and other mammals such as porcupine, rabbits, red squirrels and racoons (no bears!).

Compass Point

the north tip of Gunn Point- an area of flat rock where large scale chalk mandalas are created and the sound elements of the workshop take place.

drawing by D. Rankine

Douglas Point

Looking across Holmes Bay towards Douglas Point to the north. The large limestone boulder is visible- the Inspiration for the "Fortress Rock" in the Warrior's Tale.

drawing by D. Rankine

Pitcher's Thistle

One of the rare plant species in the Park. It takes 7 years to mature and bloom.



Inverhuron is host to " hostings" of Monarch butterflies on the fall migration.

Park Map

Map containing notes, compass rose. This map is distributed to all participants to record their own thoughts and images during the circuit around the park.

map by D. Rankine


Map of the park showing the circuit of the day's journey, begiing and ending at the sand beach (lower end).

Your Faciltator

The facilitator as "Alchemist"- cooking a curry dinner at the end of a lovely day.

photo by D. Draper


One of the many odd erratic boulders found in the park and on the shore.

photo by D.Draper


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