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Labyrinth Walks

 Labyrinths have long been used for their restorative and meditative powers. During the day, there are several opportunities to create labyrinths (and then walk them). Chalk on stone, pebble construction and sand labyrinths may be built. Of course at the end of the day we remove all evidence.

The circuit of the park describes a Labyrinth itself. (see gallery page)

Talisman Making

Part of the transformation process embarked upon in this workshop is illustrated by our ability to create reality. Creating talismans (personal power objects) helps us to see that we are creative beings with the ability to transform what we perceive to be mud and the detritus of the beach and forest floor into personal wearable art.

Halfway through the day we will fashion beads and amulets from local clay and bake them in a small oven made from local rocks. After cooling these clay treasures will be combined with found objects (wood, bone, feather and stone- collected during our walk).

All materials ( twine, leather etc) will be provided.                           photo by P.Fordyce


Mandala Drawing

Drawing a mandala is a great way to access the subconscious mind and in the act of creating them we help to process feelings and issues. Mandalas will be drawn at several times of the day to ascertain where each individual is on their journey.

 A lovely handmade note book will be provided for each individual.


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