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Arathusa Oracle Board (upcoming product - available December 2012) 

This folding board acts as a matrix for doing simple or complex cards spreads such as the triangular element, action and archetype spread, or the gift and challenge spread. All card positions can be utilized for a more comprehensive spread including positions for synthesis and focus cards.

size: 17 x 21"        cost: $25         AR-35


  Expansion Pack -set of 20 blank cards  $10.00

 These oracle cards are tools and the best tools are the ones we make ourselves. Expand your Arathusa deck by creating your own cards. Each Arathusa Oracle Card pack already comes with one blank card. This card may be used as an extra (46th) image- SILENCE or it may be used to customize your deck by simply adding your own images to these blank cards and expand the depth and meaning of your own deck.


CARD GUIDE - Meanings and Revelations  (presently available in e-version)  $ 5.00

By popular demand a card guide is being developed. As the Arathusa Oracle Card deck was conceived and birthed as an organic process, the manual has also developed as such and will be added to in the next month. At present, this guide is a 12 page exploration of meanings. It is not meant to be a literal interpretation but a further extension of the original intention of the cards as "potentiality expanders".

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