“music creates that resonance which vibrates through the whole being, lifting the thought above the denseness of matter

– it almost turns matter into Spirit. Sound is the force which groups all things from atoms to worlds”.   Inayat Khan


DARK MANDALA by Dulcimerhead

HEALING SPACE by David Rankine

A heavy, hip-swinging sonic journey. Music for meditation and healing.
The Heaviest offering to date by the masters of psychedelic folk, Composed and performed by David Rankine
David Rankine and Fernando Villalobos.  
Composed and performed by  David Rankine and Fernando Villalobos.  


SACRED SOUND by Dulcimerhead ONENESS BEING Meditation by Kristen Eva
Dulcimerhead at the 2008 Sharon Temple Illumination A wonderful and fresh approach to guided meditation
A wonderful collection of the softer and more atmospheric side of this band  Meditation created by and spoken by Kristen Eva.
All tracks composed and performed by Rankine/Villalobos. All music composed and recorded by David Rankine

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