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Mandalas are a valuable tool. They can be used to look within ourselves and indeed heal ourselves.
The events of daily living, - stress, loss, change, disease all have an effect upon us on multiple levels. A physical ailment for example, a broken leg with itís resulting lack of mobility, can also affect our emotions and our spiritual health. Basically all our systems are integrated and inter-related and one affects the others.
   The events of our lives can damage us but we all contain within us an amazing ability to heal ourselves, physically, spiritually. Colour, symbol and music can be used to activate or trigger our body's own healing process. Combining these different art modalities in a holistic and integrated way has an increased effect upon an individual's healing experience.
   As an art form, the mandala combines set geometric structures with colour and symbol. Its impact as a therapeutic process is renown. When combined with sound (music) the effect is heightened. In this section of the book we will approach three different modalities - colour, symbol and sound and see how each works upon us in different but interrelated ways. I refer to this three modalities as the triumvirate of the mandala creation experience. When they are allowed to act together they are truly greater than the sum of their parts We have already discussed how mandalas are read subconsciously but its effects are multiplied when the forms and colours can be interpreted consciously. The more aware of how we use colour and form in creating mandalas, the more self-aware we become. By bringing more of our unconscious world out into the light of the conscious mind, the greater our conscious perception of all that goes on around (and in) us.
  Suffice it to say we all have completely individual and unique ways of looking at colour, form and sound, yet we all share the experiences of these modalities in a very human (similar) way.

 A  self -healing mandala created by a woman suffering from Arthritis

                                   The life affirming view of self in the centre is obvious- a  flower like balance of light


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