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an art and music experiential workshop

Monday Evenings  7pm- 9:30


1529 Mount Albert Road, Sharon. ON

just east of Leslie Street, 3 km north of the last exit on Hw 404

 The Mandala Experience is a Experiential workshop that grew out of a series of 20 workshops held in Newmarket in 2005 (initialized on May 4th 2005). It is an exercise in community building through creativity and also an exercise in creating sacred space for the individual and the group.
  A very important element of the Mandala Experience is the use of live music to create a "feedback loop" between sound and image -musician and drawer. In this workshop the mandalas are drawn and also played as the participants switch back and forth between different modes of expression to explore how the "mandala" (or the act of creating one) is actually an act of Self - of self exploration and expression.
 The purpose of mandala drawing (and playing) is the process. The  geometric structure of the mandala provides the safe "matrix" within which to create and express. Many participants report feeling elated afterwards. This is most likely due to the fact that in the act of creation, in the process of self-expression we actually encounter ourselves-sometimes hidden parts of self that are brought forward into consciousness.



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