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a lecture and slide show

The Book Of Kells

Medieval Visions of the Divinee


Voyage back to experience the glory of the magnificent Illuminated Gospels of the early Middle Ages and rediscover the rich spiritual tradition of the early Celtic Church.


artist/writer/musician and educator

David Rankine

An excerpt from the lecture:

"The art work of the illuminated manuscript paintings arose out of a spiritual vision and indeed invites the viewer to respond in a spiritual way. The images created were models of an inner understanding (on the part of the individuals of the faith community that created them) of the interconnectedness of all matter, form and energy."

This lecture is excellent key-note address for faith groups and anyone interested in the early days of Christianity.


David Rankine

BFA York U.

For the past 25 years David has been exploring (through his art and music) Sacred Art and the divine nature of Creativity. He has taken his lectures and workshops on Celtic Art and Sacred Art to schools, libraries and churches across the continent. Mohawk College and the University of Toronto have hosted his lectures.

His art has appeared in numerous publications, including The Toronto Star, The Presbyterian Record, The Catholic New Times, the Winnipeg Free Press and Graphic Exchange Magazine. David's has recorded 10 CDs - both solo and with his band Dulcimerhead.

David is a co-author of the medical book " Where the Sky Touches the Earth", contributes articles on creativity and spirituality to Superior Star Magazine and presently is co-authoring a book titled: "Healing Space". David is also the author of " The Warrior's Tale", and the creator of two art manuals and 5 colouring books.

David works and lives in Simcoe County, Ontario

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This lecture is an exploration of the imagery found in the greatest of all the Irish Illuminated Gospels of the Dark Ages period the Book of Kells. It is my belief that the artist/monks who created the Book of Kells were creating images of the Divine. The wonderful Illuminated Initial and Carpet Pages were structured as visual triggers (like mandalas and yantras) and act as a "visual matrix" upon which the viewer may develop a sense of the Divine.
My argument will be further developed by introducing cross cultural references and brief explorations of other modalities such as music and dance.
The Quiet World of the Mandala - accessing self through creativity
A Rustle of Wings - an exploration of the sub-molecular and the multi-dimensional
In this lecture, I explore, through the use of my own complex visual images, alternate ways of viewing existence, Creation and God . This lecture contains a healthy amount of historical and cross-cultural references which are folded into the discussion about accessing and experiencing the "Creation Matrix". Contemporary theories on morphogenetic fields and socio-sensual awareness are also touched upon along with elements from other modalities such as music and the healing arts.

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