The Sacred Geometry of the Mandala                      APR 28

     Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre, 1086 Burnhamthorpe Rd E. Oakville, ON L6H 7B2


    Join David Rankine in this exciting exploration of Sacred Geometry and the Mandala through art, meditation and sound. This hands-on workshop will take participants through elements of Mandala construction, using David's unique design system embedded within applications, sonic expressions and philosophy.

Through this fresh look, you can create your own signature Mandala while discovering the myriad of benefits and health-giving aspects that come from this ancient art practice.

All materials and tools supplied

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                                        Circle of One         June 28, 29 and 30

Together in Healing

Explore Sacredness of the Circle as Model for Community and Healing

Join family, friends and fellow health supporters to celebrate the community amongst us.
Celebrating the assembly of healing arts in each other, our community through the breadth and depth of exploration

Surrounded in the countryside, GiGiís Earth-Rhythmís Rose Haven Retreat  is a magical and loving space to create and play with the Mandala, Art, Meditation, Sound and Sacred Ceremony.

 This applied workspace will take us through elements of the construction within, applications and sonic expression

Full moon fire celebration
Heart breath yoga/meditations
Mandalas, creating the sacred matrix
Rattle/shaker making
Henna creating

Guided by David Rankine

hosted by  Gigi and Kathy

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