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released : June 20th 2009

 Western Voyage, Eastern Shore

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dark mandala


The Dark Mandala is that which is unseen, but felt.

It is that pregnant pause at full darkness before dawn begins- the pause for breath before the next leap forward...the deep sleep of winter before the blossoming of spring.

It is the Shamans' sleep -the mystics' trance wherein the traveler sees the parts that where once over the horizon or hidden within mist.
Make of things what you will,
Decide how unassociated ideas slide together in a mesh of creation
How new springs form old,
How growth arises from decay and how the beginning of a thing is also the start of its end,
And the beginning of decay is the bursting seed of newness

  Track List

Deep Blue Star
Persian Trance
From A Hill
Waves on the Point
Last Year and Today
Dark Mandala
Shimmering Window
Why Not
 Soft Wind


Song Descriptions: F                                                                                                              

 Shimmering Window   is a bluesy prog rock journey in the manner of Pink Floyd. Along with DARK MANDALA, PERSIAN TRANCE and THUNDERHEADS, this tune represents The Dark Side of Dulcimerhead
Dark Mandala is a quick tempo dance Eastern  dance groove - that makes you feel as if you were riding a horse head-long towards a thunderstorm. Dark and brooding, full of the pregnant potential of All That Could Be.
 Thunderheads is  deep, dark ominous living thing, a mid -tempo stomp that evokes the images of thunderheads piling up in the distance on a hot summer day and the arrival of darkness, rain, wind thunder and lightning.
Persian Trance  has long been our concert opus - slow of tempo and relentless in its forward motion - full of power chords and rock rhythms melded with a slow Eastern Dance spin with a taste of a Scots Hornpipe thrown in.
Deep Blue Star  Another one that comes to a boil slowly- almost at a slow walk and then soars into the realms of joy. A tip of the hat to Jazz -Rock meisters Deep Purple.
From a Hill is a gentle finger picked air that was inspired by a walk through a sun drenched forest right after a rain fall-  light sparkling on wet leaves and drops of rain. The simplest of all the tracks on this CD, this tune is the one most structured like a bagpipe tune (Dave's first instrument)
Liminal   Full of  soaring voices and climbing chords. Dancing in a forest clearing.
Waves on the Point  What more can we say- wind and waves on the point. Clear skies and sun and nothing to do all day but  play. Listren for the Ebb and Flow of the various Dulcimer parts.
Last Year and Today  - a tune that starts off as a introspective slow air and then morphs into a rolling finger-picked  celebration. It is a tune about how we all gain perspective about past events
Soft Wind Lullaby   - is  the last tune on the CD - a gentle finge-rpicked sign off and a reminder that the " Dark Mandala" is a place of healthy change that reflects the All That Is and All That Was and the All That Will Be
Why Not  -a newly recorded  goth-prog-jazz rock number built around a wonderful matrix created by Fernando during his days in Heavily Medicated

 PRICE: $25


 For Dark Mandala song samples click here:


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