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 Talking Sticks

Facilitating meetings of any sort is an art form and a talking stick is an excellent too for insuring that all parties are heard. It belongs to a long tradition of consensus taking group decision making.

Basically, when someone is holding the talking stick- no one else speaks until that person has handed the stick to the next person and so on. Thus, everyone has a chance to speak their mind and be heard.

It is a process that is based upon respect, attentive listening and intentional speaking


Goddess Imagery

This image represents Gaia -earth goddess- that which births everything and that which calls all back to itself. Many cultures share a view of the Earth and all its biological, geological and energetic systems as being one integrated living entity - a goddess or THE Goddess, of female genre as it gives birth to all upon and within it.


 an example  of  a Cre Naofa clay creation - fashioned and then baked in a stone oven.
Goddess figure - 11/2' high   Spiral  1"dia.



 Spirit Stone Pins  and Pendants

                     Tie tack pins  painted on pebbles averaging 1" dia.

                                                     No two pebbles are the same and no two designs are either
Pendants average  1-2 " tied with hemp cords. All stones have naturally occurring holes 
(no drilling or alteration of stone has taken place)

       Pins:    $10 ea. or two for $16    pendants:  $20 ea.

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