The Art of David Rankine

 A review of this the Healing Space CD

   Very rarely do we, the listeners of New Age music, get the opportunity to have our ears and minds opened to music that draws from two or more worlds. One world steeped in ancient healing music and a second one where new tonalities and progressions reach toward the future. After recently spending a weekend “gunk holing” (not what you may fear) in the remoter parts of Georgian Bay while getting to know “Healing Space” a little better I must say I feel compelled to offer up the opinion that song writer and musical visionary David Rankine has come very close to creating what could be called “Bridge” music. That is, not just music that bridges two ages but two or more cultures and two or more “Ethos”.

   It seems the essence of David’s music is to blend structured Hebridean and Indo Persian scales and tonalities with a creative, boundary-pushing style that could be called transcendent Celtic chant but that would be too simplistic a moniker. This latest creation by Mr. Rankine which is the soul mate of a spiritually healing book of the same name, co-authored with Sharon Langfield, continues David’s quest to imagine and then create music that bridges us, here and now, as sentient beings to an ageless human consciousness that is something akin to the true story of mankind. That is, something deeper and more primal than the material structured world that lies before us in fact something that transcends that world.

  I recommend for anyone who wishes to reach out and feel a truer world that they take the time to cross the bridge with Healing Space and go to a place where Creation and the Artist, Space and Time merge into one powerful vision.

   Hopefully the healer within YOU will connect with this music as it did me on my northern voyage on an eastern shore.

Neale Croucher, musician and composer

From aboard S.V. The Dreamcatcher (at North 45deg. 11.900min. by West 080 deg. 5.756 min., Georgian Bay, Canada)