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The Shaman's Rattle - Punk's place in music
  In my writing and also in my workshops, I often speak about the role of music (especially percussion) in a shamanic journey. Shamanism is about healing and much of what needs to be healed is reality- or at least reality as we see it. The rhythmic shaking and beats melt that which defines things as being either this or that, good/bad , hot/cold....the sound returns us to a primordial state of being in which we are held within and make up the ALL.
    Punk music, or the punk movement, to me, seemed to be about enacting a primal (sonic) ritual that would heal the place and role of music in society. By the mid 1970's  popular music- especially rock had lost its rudder - not that it ever had a rudder or a sense of direction but in that it seemed to be no longer about experimentation and engagement in a process. It had become a product.
   Punk came along and by its return to simple forms of rock, engaged the audience and performers in a co-creative process. The rules were broken, the fortress walls were shattered and yet nothing was lost as the pieces were re-assembled, albeit in simpler forms.
  A lot of attention was paid to the "dress" of punk and the anti-social behaviour - much of it generated by a news hungry press for its own purposes, but underneath all that was basic desire for young musicians who had little musical training to create something fresh- to be in the process, to find their own sound, reflect the people they were playing to and  yet still pay homage to earlier bands who blazed a trail through calcified mediocrity even though these same very early bands had become their own "product" and had lost their sense of process.
   Punk was (and is) process - and process is creation, and creation is not always pretty or sweet but is raw, bloody, painful and joyous. In the end it is always destructive as it dissolves that which was there to make room for that which is possible and what can be, in essence stagnant energy allowed to flow once more in the relentless cycle of creation.
  So... if the Punk movement of the late 1970's shook up the perceptions of a previous decade , what do we have now  that shakes us up and what do we have that continually returns us to source and process?
 Get out there! Create, question, test , combine, co-create and engage in the resonant pattern of Creation. Become, each and every one, a "resonant attractor" - that which draws like minded souls together to engage each other head on.

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