where barn dance meets trance


The Strange (but true) story of  the "Trance".

Where does it all begin? Where does anything begin?  At the beginning.
Here is the story from a Daveocentric viewpoint:

Dave begat Lolly.  She grew up and met Fernando. Fernando met Dave. They jammed. Dulcimerhead was born. CDs were recorded. Loud sounds were made. People danced.

A chance meeting on stage at a festival drew Dave and Jason together, Daljegg was  born. Music was played and LO it was good.

Janis and Tom  met  and they married. They played music. They saw Duclimerhead. Then they met Dave. They did not run.

Tom, Dave, Janis and Jason jammed. Fernando jumped into the sound pool too .

Music was made, corn bread was baked and Appalachian Trance Project was born.



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