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A RUSTLE OF WINGS  - shamanic images for deep voyaging

The latest in a series of meditation/self-healing tools by David Rankine, this easy to carry, full-colour set of 28 image cards takes the user on a deep voyage to places barely hinted at in visions and moments of prescient clarity.

 Each of the 28 images, has a different vibratory resonance that speaks of

inner voyages and  states of being encountered in meditation, vision questing and shamanic practice.


Use them to focus thoughts. Meditate upon them.

Use them to trigger creative expression or to still the mind.

Regard each of these images as a lullaby for the soul
Use them to create a place of stillness.
-a sacred space within which to experience
an expanded view of Self,
irreducible, indestructible, and limitless in its
creative potential.


This set of images is a perfect addition to the Arathusa Oracle Cards and the Healing Space CD

                                                                             size: 3.5 x 3.5"

       Introductory price:  $35

each set comes in it's own slip case and is accompanied by a short manual.

Image Examples